Taliberry entertainment was established on the 17th of February  2017, our goals and Visions was to bring music to live audiences along with the latest Artist and DJs. With our first break out event in 2017 February 17th , we hosted a valentine party with the dress code been all white. The event included some of the top DJ’s playing on the night, we saw a successful turnaround in having more than 600 people attend the event to enjoy all type of genre music provided, ranging from Afro beats, Dancehall, R&B, Reggaetón, Hip hop and modern trap music. With the success of our first event, what Taliberry entertainment is now focus moving forward is provide extortionary events with live music across Australia to our Friend and audience to attend our events, we will focus to reach new heights and expand and make new Friends and also our Friends joyful.